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Diagnosis & Treatment for Your Pet’s Health Conditions

endocrinologyEastgate Animal Clinic provides internal medicine services including diagnosis, surgical or non-surgical treatment, and management of a broad range of simple and advanced diseases. The expertise of our veterinary team, our in-house laboratory, and advanced diagnostic equipment allow us to diagnose and treat a wide range of internal medicine cases.


Our veterinary staff is skilled in diagnosing many veterinary internal medicine cases. Our focus is evidence-based medicine, which strives to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s health care concern, allowing us to develop a targeted treatment approach. This method results in the best treatment outcomes and a lower cost to you. Our thorough evaluation can explore key areas, such as:


After a thorough diagnostic evaluation, we can determine the underlying cause of your pet’s ailment. Our in-house laboratory enables us to conduct a variety of tests internally, which allows us to properly diagnose your pet and control costs. Early detection of pet ailments ensures optimum outcome and benefits your pet with less invasive treatment options and a lower cost for you. A few of the most common endocrine conditions we treat are:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect your pet has special health care needs that require advanced diagnosis or treatment. Our veterinarians are always here to assist you.

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