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Pet Eye Care & Repair

Caring for your pet’s eyes is important for their health and quality of life. Eastgate Animal Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment options for your pet’s eye ailments.

We will discuss all of your pet’s treatment options and can provide corrective surgery including eye removal, if necessary. We have the skill and expertise to treat many eye-related disorders, such as:



We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you on your pet’s health care. Eye injuries are often linked to head trauma, and they can occur at any age. Please contact us if you suspect your pet requires eye care treatment. Common symptoms of pet eye problems include:

  • Discharge
  • Tearing
  • Red or white eyelid linings
  • Tear-stained fur
  • Closed eye
  • Cloudiness or change in eye color
  • Visible third eyelid
  • Unequal pupil sizes

We understand how important your pet’s eye health is to their overall health and happiness. Please contact us to schedule an eye care appointment today.

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