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Pet Pain Management

Your pet’s health, happiness, and quality of life are important to us, and Eastgate Animal Clinic provides safe and effective pet pain management protocols for your pet.


We strive to provide a pain-free surgical experience for your pet. Our caring veterinary team uses all of the latest pain management techniques to reduce stress and keep your pet comfortable during surgery. Your pet’s pain management plan begins prior to surgery and continues through your pet’s recovery.

If necessary, we will prescribe additional pain medication to give to your pet at home. Our onsite pharmacy makes it convenient to fill your pet’s pain medication, and our online pharmacy is available to re-order medications to treat chronic pain illnesses.


Some pet diseases, such as arthritis, cause pain to your pet. We use a multimodal approach to disease pain management including proper nutrition, medications, weight control, exercise, and joint supplements. Our treatments are designed to help your pet stay active and comfortable.

Please contact us to schedule your pet’s wellness exam or to discuss any questions you may have regarding your pet’s pain management program.

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